Green Energy

Paragon Energy are at the fore front of promoting Green Energy in the UK. All suppliers now offer green energy, there are however many shades of green on the market.

Care should be taken when contracting for Green Energy as all Green Energy isn't Climate Change Levy (CCL) exempt. Paragon Energy can guide you to which is your best option when choosing Green Energy.

The sources of CCL exempt electricity are Wind Turbines, Landfill gas generation, bio mass generation, wave power generation, some combined heat and power generation, waste incineration and of course hydro-electric etc.

Reasons to Switch to Green Energy

  • Green energy will often become cost neutral to business with the saving they can make from the Climate Change Levy.
  • When your company is contracted to take Green Energy you are doing your part to combat Global Warming
  • With the public ever more interested in Green Issue it becomes an excellent marketing toll to show how your company is doing its bit to combat global warming.

Climate Change Levy

This is an environmental tax applied by the Government administrated by HM Customs & Excise.

Climate Change Levy is not charged on sites supplied by green energy which is produced by a renewable resource.