Energy Procurement

The energy market can be an extremely complex environment. Getting the best deal for customers is not just simply haggling for the lowest price from your supplier.

Paragon Energy keeps an active presence in the market place so we know where prices are and where they should be in the future.

There are a number of suppliers in the market place and Paragon Energy knows which ones are best suited for different customers. There are many complicated factors to take into account when negotiating Gas and Electric contracts as you can see from below.

The timing of when to negotiate the contract is crucial.

Is the market rising or falling?

Should we negotiate early or delay until the last minute for the best saving?

Is the current market to low and set for a sudden hike or to high and set for a fall?

Should you take a long term deal which locks in the low prices or a short term contract with a view the prices will shortly tumble?

Which suppliers are reliable? Sometimes the cheapest is not always the best. Some suppliers are notorious for billing inaccuracies.

Terms and conditions of contracts can vary. Some contracts that seem the best might have hidden extras such as mid term price reviews, Paragon Energy will try to remove these or have them changed in your favour.

Paragon Energy will take this stressful, time consuming job out of your inbox and come back to you with an answer which will save your company time and money.