Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you Change supplier in the middle of a contract ?

    Unfortunately customers are unable to change suppliers until the agreed period has ended.

  • Can I change a tariff (profile class) after agreeing a contact ?

    Yes, by negotiating with the supplier this can be arranged on your behalf by Paragon Energy.

  • Can I reduce my available capacity (AV) ?

    Yes, via negotiations with the local supply network company. It may depend if you have a 5 year agreement with the local supply network company.

  • What is half hour metering ?

    Half hour metering is only available on over 100kW sites. The customer will pay a separate fee for this type of metering. The consumption is recorded every half hour and downloaded via the data aggregator which is forwarded to the customers supply company for invoicing purposes.

  • What is Climate Change Levy (CCL) ?

    Climate change levy was introduced by the government to help combat the production of greenhouse gasses. The CCL is charged to all companies on their energy bills. The levy is exempt on most Green Energy's. Paragon Energy can help your company purchase green energy which is CCL exempt.

  • What is a Renewable obligation certificate (ROC's) ?

    A renewable obligation certificate is issued to electrical generators which produce their power via renewable means. The ROC's are purchased by electricity suppliers to meet their renewable obligations which are set by the government.

  • Why choose Green Energy ?

    When customers contract for green energy they know their company is doing its bit towards combating climate change. With the increase of public awareness in climate change contracting for green energy can become a very good marketing tool for businesses. Most green energy is also Climate Change Levy Exempt and in most cases will work out as cost neutral for most companies.