Electricity Structures (Previouly Known as Tariffs)

This can be a complicated subject but Paragon Energy can guide you through the jargon


This is a registration number for the site shown in the following form:
06 134 431
14 6890 0145 654

06 This is the profile type (whether it is quarterly/monthly, single rate or day night, sub 100 Kw or over 100Kw.)

134 Meter & time switch details

431 Use of system code

14 Supply company code number

6890 0145 65 This is a unique reference for the site

4 Check digit for future use

Monthly Billed Sites

These are in two forms the over 100Kw sites which have a profile of 00 and are half hourly billed, which means data is recorded electronically every half hour for billing use. This requires specialist metering that is billed to you by a meter operator company.

Sub 100Kw sites with profile 05 to 08 these are billed in the conventional way.

  • Monthly Charge
    Fixed monthly for the site.
  • Availability Charge
    This is a measure of agreed supply for the site measured in Kva; it can increase if you go over the agreed level and will stay at the increased level for 12 months
  • Unit Rates
    Measured in kWh rates can be variable depending on the structure.
  • Maximum Deman Charges
    Variable determined by highest energy demand of the month only chargeable in the winter months Jan, Feb, Nov & Dec. these rates are not used as much now as costs are built in to yearly unit rates.
  • Reactive Power Charges
    Supply companies reserve the right to charge this if the customer has poor power factor rating

Quarterly Billed Sites

All sub 100Kw profile 01 to 04

  • Quarterly Charge
    Fixed standing charge for the site
  • Unit Rate
    Variable depending on what structure the site is billed at